Monday, October 7, 2013

March of Dimes Signature Chef Event

Last Thursday night was the March of Dimes Signature Chef event.  I was on the committee and was tasked with interviewing all of the chefs and writing up their bios.   It was a really fun experience to chat with the chefs and learn how they got into cooking and what they do for fun.  You can read all of the bios I wrote on the March of Dimes blog here (Aug. 21 - Oct. 1 is where my stuff is):

(FYI - Landon's bio from Haute Dish is missing because he is a busy dude and I couldn’t connect with him after many tries.)

The annual event was really well done and we raised a lot of money (loved watching the action during the live auction).  It was emotional to hear the stories of families helped out by the March of Dimes and it really showed the good work they are doing and the need for their services.  I was really proud to be a part of the event.  Okay, back to the food…..

There were 11 chefs and 11 amazing dishes being served.  After my volunteer duties were over, I was able to explore the food and enjoy a couple glasses of wine.  I was actually too busy eating and socializing that I didn't take many photos (sorry).  While everything was  good, I really enjoyed the “Junko’s Garden Kale Salad with Mozzarella from chef Carrie Nielsen, Mozza Mia; the “Heritage Hog and Spicy Farm Slaw” from Beth chef Fisher, Wise Acre Eatery; and the “Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Popcorn, Kale, and Cheddar” from Landon Schoenefeld, HauteDish.  

BUT…..  My favorite dishes were from Mystic Lake Casino.  Yep, you read that right.   When interviewing the executive chef, Richard Fisher, for his bio I learned that he’s a European Certified Master Chef.  There are only a couple hundred worldwide; and while he downplayed this fact, I was impressed.   
Chef Fisher focused on plating his dish.
His dish blew me away, and he was the only one to bring in his own “real” dishes – opting not to serve his signature dish on a plastic plate.   Very impressive.  You can see his passion for quality.  His dish was “Sugar Pumpkin Chowder with Scottish Langoustine and Pecan Pie Ravioli.”   It was delicious and crave-able.   

Tasty and Pretty

The pastry chef at Mystic Lake also had an amazing dessert; "Gianduji Marjolaine with Tahitian vanilla bean reduction and macerated berries."  With this winning culinary team in place, I seriously need to head down to Mystic Lake, especially now that they serve booze!   And they have free buses from all over town.   FUN!   Who’s in? 

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