Thursday, June 14, 2012

Repeat after me: "What the heck, its summer!"

Last Friday, I had plans to meet a girlfriend for happy hour.   It is usually safe to assume that happy hour falls between the hours between 4-7 p.m. - usually.   Well, she called and said she got invited to a BBQ and wanted me to meet her at 2:30.   I actually contemplated it thinking to myself “geez, can I take off the whole Friday afternoon?”  

After my fun self slapped my responsible self, I thought “ah, what the heck – its summer!”   FYI – My original version had two L’s in place of the “ck” so feel free to use either version.   But whatever you do, use this phrase regularly this summer.  It is very liberating, and can lead to tons of fun.  Trust me.

As part of her pitch my friend said, “This is the dude who built the Texas pit smoker in his backyard, and this food is otherworldly. Seriously. Sooooo worth trying to make it.”    How could I resist that?   Especially on a hot (90+), sunny, Friday afternoon.  

So this guy, Mark Andrews, built his own pit-style smoker in his driveway, Texas style.    He puts a rub on the meat and then smokes it patiently.   The ones we ate had been put on at 6:30 a.m. so they had been smoking for a good 6 ½ hours before we dug into them.  Pure PERFECTION.   Pink, juicy, flavorful, meaty, finger-lickin’ yummy-ness.    Even before I tasted them, my fun self was breaking out in a happy dance while my responsible self was quickly changing her attitude as missing out on these ribs would’ve been a cryin’ shame. 

Seriously delicious ribs!

To find out how to build your own smoker, click here:  My friend interviewed Mark for the article (which she wrote) which is how I ended up with this awesome invitation on hot, Friday summer afternoon.

I’m so glad I went.   I met some fun, new people and had the best ribs of my life (and I’ve had a lot of ribs.)    My friend and I were actually chatting about how many ribs we thought we could eat.   We decided that we could eat at least six each, but taking a less piggy route we decided that three would be adequate (and increase our chances of being invited back).

PS – If you do build your own smoker, let me know.  I’ll bring the wine and the watermelon.   Honestly, for ribs that taste this good, I’d probably be willing to bring a lot more.  

Cheers to good friends and sharing amazing food experiences.    And cheers to a summer of fun!  You never know where a random afternoon can lead as long as you are open to it.   What the hell, its summer.  Right?

Just for kicks, how many ribs do you think you can eat?

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